Marketers are using influencer campaigns to boost brand image

Anne Freier | June 2, 2020


While more than half (67%) of marketers decreased digital marketing budgets in light of the coronavirus pandemic, influencer campaigns took less of a hit with 41% decreasing their budgets.

That’s according to new research from Linqia, the influencer marketing group, which surveyed marketers and agency professionals across industries including food and beverages, CPG, media and retail.

Almost 60% said their influencer budgets would increase or stay the same post COVID-19.

Among the top concerns are loss of sales (40%) and appearing insensitive (32%).

Influencer marketing may be outperforming traditional mobile and digital ads because it has a positive impact on brand image (71%). 63% of marketers also believe that the creator content can be used across their own channels.

At the time of the survey, 41% of marketers said they were running an influencer marketing campaign over the coming two months, while 25% planned to use more than one influencer.

Importantly, 63% of marketers are using influencers to shape their messaging to appear less sensitive during these times.

While Instagram is still a preferred platform (91%), Facebook (49%) and TikTok (39%) are performing well and Pinterest, blogs and Twitter are also catching on.

Interestingly, 68% of marketers said they noticed increased engagement for their organic social media campaigns during COVID-19 lockdowns.

But it appears the virus will have a lasting effect as 89% plan to make new plans to change the way they conduct marketing in the future.

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