The Go-To-Market Strategy for Online Advertising

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Posted: February 15, 2017

Deciding to step in online markets is not an easy decision.
Usually people from outside think that stepping in this industry is somehow logic and quite easy to do. Everything is moving in that direction and everyone is online so, why not? Why not to prove it and see if it works?
Yes, easier saying than doing it. Lots of users jump in very quickly, without knowing what to do and how to move in the online traffic market and sometimes people stop in front unknown difficulties thinking that are insurmountable, giving up at the first stop. My advice on this is stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right, creating a good strategy to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Let me help you give you few tips that, hopefully, will clear your mind about this insidious topic.
First of all you have to understand the nature of your traffic – is it Mainstream, Adult, Web, Mobile or an App one? You need to analyze your activity and your traffic flow to see what’s your main traffic category.
Now that you have made this decision about a type of your traffic, how can you monetize it? Start searching for a worldwide reliable advertising network that will help you sell your traffic and rise your revenues.
This is a really important step because you will have to test several of them to see what fits better with your business needs. This testing will imply answering questions like – does it provide quick payments? How many ad spaces do you want on your website? What about targeted advertising? Is this particular system reliable? … I can spend a whole day here listing the countless features a good network must have to be the best in the market, but you just have to define the most relevant for your business.
As a newbie in this wide and complicated market, working with a company that provides quick payments is a must-have, a reliable service you can count on and a good real time statistics program that will help you to monitor your traffic flow. These are the bases on which you can rise your website and became a top player in the market with quality expensive traffic.
For example, Black6adv is a known ad network in the market, it offers lots options for mobile advertisers and publishers. It allows you to be both publisher and advertiser, widening the business market and the opportunities this industry can give you. At Blackadv6 we developed an integrated real-time statistic system that will help its users to track their traffic and their revenue, adjust targeting, slice and dice the stats for a specific country country, compare costs, traffic, …with a user friendly interface.
It supports multiple payment models such as CPC, CPM, CPA and CPI, allowing you to test multiple formats and decide what drives the best conversion for you.
Get in touch with us and explain your needs. We will guide you and find the best solution for your business.

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