Marin Display enables ads to follow users from desktop, to mobile, and back

Marin Software, an advertising company specializing in delivering ads across multiple channels, has announced a new cross-platform advertising feature called Marin Display.
The solution understands when users switch from one screen to another, and allows advertisers to continue to deliver contextual ads to them. For example, if the user visits an advertiser’s site on their computer, then switches over to their smartphone, it’s possible to serve relevant adverts based on the site visited while on the other machine.
Furthermore, Marin has integrated its platform with mobile advertising exchanges Mopub and Nexage, where both premium mobile in-app and display ads can be served. Using Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite, specific groups of users can be targeted based on interests, and whether they’re using smartphones or tablets. The unusual nature of Marin’s system makes tracking essential, and the company provides tools to measure conversion statistics and effectiveness of the retargeting.
Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software, said:

“It’s now common for consumers to use multiple devices when engaging with a brand. In the past, an advertiser wouldn’t be able to detect when a site visitor switched devices. With Marin Display, we’re empowering advertisers with this capability and then letting them reach consumers with consistent messaging wherever prospects go.”

In an interview, Marin Software’s Brad Flora, senior director of product management, commented on the benefits for advertisers:

“The growth of content consumption on mobile devices far outpaces growth on desktop computers and laptops. Consumer behavior continues to push the trend, and more consumers are starting searches and purchases on one device and moving on to the next. They may go back and forth several times before ultimately making the purchase or completing the conversion.”

Marin Software offers a free trial of its services, and its cross-targeting system is available now for Marin Enterprise Display and Perfect Audience customers.

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