Marchex updates mobile analytics platform to include call tracking

Anne Freier | September 30, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising analytics firm Marchex yesterday launched a significant update for its Call Analytics for Search 2.0 mobile analytics platform. The update now includes keyword tracking and measurement features to help marketers distinguish which keywords drive sales among the one billion phone calls customers make to businesses directly from click-to-call ads.
Marchex Call Analytics
Marchex analysis found that 60% of calls from mobile search are coming directly from click-to-call ads. Adarsh Nair, Senior Director of Product and Engineering, Marchex, explains:
adash nair marchex

“Traditional call tracking methodologies are unable to attribute new types of inbound phone calls directly to search keywords. As a result, enterprise search marketers are missing out on major opportunities to improve advertising performance. Our enterprise customers have challenged us to make click-to-call campaigns as trackable and actionable for marketers as e-commerce campaigns. With this release, we can provide deep insights and 100% keyword attribution for the sophisticated paid search campaigns of large brand marketers.”

Marchex Call Analytics for Search launched in February this year and has since been adopted by enterprise clients across the automotive, cable, health care and other professional industries. Among the new features of Marchex Call Analytics for Search 2.0 are: Call-only campaign support to offer clients 100% keyword-level attribution for call-only campaigns; Real-time call DNA which provides insight on consumer intent for enterprises; Premium conversations to drive leads, reservations, appointments and sales; Auto setup for Google and Bing.
Jacob Davis, VP Performance Strategy, Escelis, says:

“Phone calls are an important part of our clients’ business and our mobile advertising strategy. By using Marchex, we can now attribute every click-to-call conversion to a paid search keyword. This has enabled my team to make real-time adjustments to drive stronger, more efficient performance for our paid search campaigns.”

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