Marchex rolls out Speech Analytics to increase consumer insights from inbound calls

Mobile advertising analytics company, Marchex, has just launched Speech Analytics to boost actionable insights from inbound phone calls to businesses and enterprises. The new product suite provides marketers and call centre teams with a better understanding of the consumer experience. It will also boost insights into phone conversations made to telesales teams, Marchex says.
Caleb Williams, Marketing Innovation Manager at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, says:

“Using Marchex Speech Analytics, and specifically the Lost Opportunities Dashboard feature, we are able to quickly identify what areas of our marketing are working. These same tools allow us to more efficiently coach and train our sales and operations staff to meet our customer’s expectations. In short, Marchex Speech Analytics enables better phone leads with increased opportunity for conversion.”

Companies could use the knowledge they gain to optimise their media expenditure and sales operations to boost quality calls. Speech Analytics features Marchex’ well-established speech recognition technology and Call DNA to aggregate and analyse call data.
The Speech Analytics dashboard features in-depth metrics on references to the business’ specific products and promotions. It helps to quantify value added elements such as lost opportunities, high intent calls, agent script tracking and searchable transcripts.
Nikhil Kolar, VP, Product and Engineering Marchex, adds:

“Many businesses rely on phone calls to drive sales. Whether it’s a large call center or a distributed retail operation, one of the most persistent challenges for companies is not being able to uncover strategic and actionable insights from those calls. With insights that drive better agent performance, as well as actionable intelligence from the phone call itself, marketers and operations teams can now improve performance, fine tune campaigns, and turn more callers into their best, most loyal customers.”

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