Marchex rolls out speech analysis solution for mobile ad campaigns that drive sales

Marchex, the mobile ad analytics firm, just launched Call DNA Premium, an improved version of its speech analytics technology for consumer calls. The feature identifies calls which drive a purchase, mention a specific product or point towards a missed sale. For marketers that means they can fine tune their ads to convert more easily and ultimately improve their sales.
Marchex updates Call DNA Premium
The solution analyses a consumer’s call experience and translates it into a “DNA Strand” of a phone call, automatically highlighting key parts of the conversation. It has been specifically designed by a team of audio engineers who have created speech solutions for Apple and Microsoft.
The company says that enterprise marketers have already used Call DNA Premium in conjunction with Marchex Search Analytics to drive paid search ads by 20% and ultimately improve their customer service to avoid long hold times and increase sales.
Marchex Standard versus Premium Call Analytics
Melissa Sinclair, Lead Integrations Manager at automotive marketing firm, Promax, who tested the solution, says:

“Call DNA Premium provides insights that automatically identify the value of a call to our customers. The flexibility of the Marchex platform enables solutions like ours to drive value at scale.”

Marchex adds that due to the company building its solutions in-house, it provides greater security. Internal benchmarks showed transcription and keyword spotting features to be 20% more accurate than third-party vendor solutions.
The company also added a feature to store recordings and transcripts, but redact credit card numbers for greater privacy.
Jason Flaks, Director of Product Engineering, Marchex, says:
jason flaks

“As the leading call analytics platform, our audio team is able to train Call DNA on literally hundreds of millions of conversations between businesses and consumers. Our ability to automatically identify new insights for businesses will improve as our dataset grows, and we are continually releasing enhancements to the product.”

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