Marchex rolls out new security enhancement for Call Analytics

Anne Freier | December 16, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Marchex, the mobile ad analytics firm, recently rolled out a major enhancement to security of its Marchex Call Analytics. With consumers expected to make over 20bn business calls this holiday season, many to make transactions via their phone, the new feature lets enterprises automatically redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls in real-time. This year alone,  22% of Americans reported credit card information stolen.
Marchex Call Analytics
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Jason Flaks, Director of Product & Engineering, Marchex, says:

“Analyzing call recordings is an effective way for enterprises to improve operational efficiency, customer service and messaging. For the first time, enterprises that accept credit card information have a secure, scalable way to do so in real-time while safeguarding consumers’ financial information.”

The feature is part of Marchex’s Secure Call Analytics feature set which also includes automatic encryption of call recordings, restricted data access, caller opt-out of call recording and read-only call recordings. Its latest voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithm to redact credit card numbers is patent-pending.
Marchex estimates 30% of business calls to travel, real estate and financial services etc include payment information. Tom Garrett, Vice President of Marketing, YMT Vacations, confirms:
tom garrett

“Our reservation process requires a credit card, and it is critical that our customer’s financial information is secure and confidential. Marchex’s redacted recordings allow us to understand call center performance while safeguarding our customer data.”

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