Marchex rolls out keywords measurement tool for mobile click-to-call ads

Anne Freier | November 10, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Marchex, the mobile advertising analytics company, has just announced availability of its Marchex Search Analytics Standard, the mid-market version of its Search Analytics product.
Marchex announces availability of Search Analytics Standard
Keywords are an important measurement tool for brands and agencies to drive sales from consumer calls and click-to-call ads. As such, the new Search Analytics Standard acts as a platform that attributes each inbound phone call from call extensions and landing pages to a paid search keyword.
In addition, consumers unable to access their conversion data can utilise Marchex’s Call DNA technology to identify calls to optimise for caller intent. The new Search Standard allows access to some powerful data and insights to help marketers optimise search campaigns and generate the type of phone calls that really matter: new sales.
Varun Das, Senior Product Manager at Marchex, explains:
varun das

“Our mid-market customers have challenged us to make click-to-call campaigns as trackable and actionable as possible. With Search Standard, this important group of marketers can now attribute every click-to-call conversion to a paid search keyword, enabling them to make real-time adjustments to drive stronger, more efficient performance for their paid search campaigns.”

Marchex launched Search Analytics in 2015, initially, for enterprise search marketers with a spend above $4bn in click-to-call advertising. The platform allows for full optimisation of online data and call outcomes. This enables marketers to spend more effectively, drive higher search conversions, increase ROI and decrease CPA.

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