Marchex rolls out display and video advertising analytics solution

Anne Freier | December 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Marchex, the mobile ad analytics company, just rolled out Marchex Display and Video Analytics for enterprise clients to measure the impact of their display and video ad campaigns from inbound phone calls to a call center or store.
Marchex Display and Video Analytics dashboard
Indeed, in 2017 phone calls to businesses from smartphones are estimates to exceed 100 billion. Measuring this data could be an important indicator of how well a company’s ads are performing.
Marchex explains that traditionally, call analytics simply analyse when a consumer clicks to call from a display ad. That captures about 2% of total phone calls. The Marchex solutions captures 100% of inbound calls that have come from a display campaign, including 98% of phone calls which come in weeks or even months later.
Allocation budget to video ad units with the greatest impact is one way to ensure spending isn’t wasted.
Jen Catto, Chief Marketing Officer at Tremor Video, which uses Marchex’s soilution, explains:
jenniger catto

“As consumers become increasingly dependent on mobile devices, extending offline measurement and attribution capabilities is a priority for marketers. measuring and quantifying the true impact of video on inbound requests, Marchex’s Display and Video Analytics allows marketers to bridge the gap between digital and reality.”

The display and video analytics expansion measures ad units across premium and programmatic video publishers. Next year, brands are predicted to spend some $11bn on video ads in the US alone as digital reaches over 220m monthly viewers. And the format is paying off with Marchex finding that consumers exposed to video and display ads being twice as likely to make a purchase offline compared to customers exposed to either format alone.
Sundi Raman, Director of Product & Partnerships at Marchex, explains that the Display and Video Analytics is delivered in real-time. He adds:

“Our customers are looking to extend the programmatic buying and optimization of e-commerce to their offline sales channels. Marchex Display Analytics allows marketers to quantify the impact of display and video campaigns and make in-flight optimizations to make a real impact on customer acquisition.”

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