Marchex partners with [24]7 to boost insights from mobile customer calls for offline sales

Anne Freier | December 12, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Billions of consumer calls are made to businesses directly from mobile ads every year. Indeed, BIA/Kelsey research confirms that ‘click-to-call’ commerce boosts over $1 trillion in consumer spending. However, marketers are still lacking the right data and attribution features to optimise their offline sales conversion.
Now, Marchex, the mobile ad analytics company, and consumer engagement solutions provider, [24]7, have partnered up to improve media efficiency for digital ad campaigns by driving purchases through inbound phone calls. Essentially, marketers get to use their offline data and incoming phone calls to link to digital media assets such as paid search, websites and chat.
Client enterprise chat solution from [24]7
The integration of offline data from Marchex with the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud should help marketers gain new insights which ultimately help them to optimise their bids, digital campaigns and marketing investments.
Part of the Customer Acquisition Cloud are [24]7 Chat, [24]7 Personalisation and [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding. Together, these features let marketers influence consumers at every touch point. By tapping into 1.5bn consumer interactions that happen each year on the [24]7 platform, also offers a good overview of how media spend is pushing revenue across campaign types such as mobile and video.
Scott Horn, Chief marketing officer for [24]7, explains:

“Without proper attribution, it’s impossible to optimize marketing investment. Offline sales, including phone calls, are a key part of this optimization and through this integration with Marchex, we can help companies drive instant media efficiency for search campaigns that drive phone sales. For the first time, marketers can use call attribution to help personalize display, web and social campaigns.”

The partnership means that Marchex Analytics platform, which is based on keyword attribution for calls from paid search, will measure offline sales, audiences and consumer intent from digital ads across every channel and device. Indeed, automated insights for each phone call are going to be directly delivered to [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding. This means that the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud can measure and automate digital campaigns to boost offline sales.
Ben Fitzpatrick, Director of Alliances for Marchex, adds:

“High-frequency bidding offers exciting new capabilities, but until now, brands that drive phone calls from paid search have been unable to take advantage of them. Our partnership with [24]7 empowers our enterprise customers for the first time to incorporate phone sales, chat, site personalization and paid search as part of a closed-loop. This new insight will help them quickly maximize revenue from limited marketing budgets.”

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