Marchex expands customer call Speech Analytics solution to integrate AI

Marchex, which provides call analytics to help businesses convert their customer calls to action, has been working hard to continuously integrate customer feedback to improve the accuracy of its speech recognition technology. Now, the company announced an expansion of its Marchex Speech Analytics solution that includes updates to its Call DNA user interface. The interface now accepts user input on Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicted outcomes.
Marchex says that this is particularly important for industries which rely on consumer phone calls, such as automotive businesses. Here, AI-driven conversation tech may offer an improved customer experience and also better insights into a call.
Jim Bechtell, VP and General Manager at Somerset Buick GMC Inc. says:

“When General Motors rolled out Marchex Speech Analytics, we were amazed at the insights it provided. We are using this product every day to better understand our sales agent behaviors and to improve our customers’ buying experience.”

The news follows recent enhancements of Marchex’s Speech Analytics dataset for improved accuracy of transcription by reducing the Word Error Rate (WER) by 15 percent. If marketers are able to get more insights from a phone call, they can ultimately optimise their media spend more effectively.
According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, consumers who call businesses may be converting faster, spending more and generally seem to have higher retention rates than customers who contact brands via channels such as in-store or online.

“The English vocabulary consists of more than 125,000 words, which can be put together in trillions of ways,” adds Jason Flaks, Senior Director of Product & Engineering at Marchex. “Accounting for all of those possibilities is difficult, but critical for brands looking to understand what happens on their calls with consumers. Today’s enhancements help improve the accuracy of our product that already leads the industry.”

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