Making Your Ads Seen or How to Improve Your Ad Viewability

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Posted: March 1, 2018

Today’s technologies deliver the advertising message right to potential customers, thanks to high-precision targeting. But how can one effectively deliver information to the customer?
The question that’s in the air now is such a criteria as viewability. Ads which are actually viewed by the customer are surely important to any advertiser. However, one should understand that an ad which is simply located in the visible part of the screen is a pretty rough criteria of success.

What kind of advertising is considered viewable?

Ad Viewability is an indicator that tracks the actual visibility of an advertisement for a user. This metric allows advertisers make sure that their ad banner has not only been broadcasted on the website, but also that the user actually saw it in the visible area.
As up to date, there’s no unified system to calculate the ad’s viewability. One of the most commonly used standards is represented by the MRC Measurement. According to IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) & MRC (Media Ratings Council), an ad impression is only considered when a user sees at least half part of the ad in the viewable area of the device for a continuous 1 second.
The alternative viewability standard is represented by the GroupM media group. Their rules say that an ad is considered viewed if 65% of its body is visible for 6 seconds.
Meetrics and Google statistics brings a logical question: why is advertising not always viewable?
There are 5 main reasons:

  1. The ad didn’t have enough time to load and the user left website
  2. Advertising banner was shown outside the visible area
  3. The user device does not have the necessary plugins to download the banner
  4. The user didn’t scroll the webpage down to the banner
  5. The page is viewed by the bot

Measuring the ad viewability is quite difficult for numerous reasons. For example, ad viewability on mobile and desktop versions differs due to different screen sizes. The same can be said about different browser versions. Several companies offer viewability measuring, but their results may vary due to technical peculiarities. Choosing the reliable technology from the wide offer range is not easy. First and foremost, one should look up to MRC-certified companies. In case of any statistics cleavages, the preference is given to the technology which has been certified.

The recommended tech to increase ad viewability

Viewability is an essential metric for advertising, since the ad which was seen by nobody has zero value. It is now reckless to dismiss this problem and continue ignoring the performance of their media formats. Modern technology is giving advertisers the opportunity to measure viewability together with the chance to increase it. SmartyAds DSP incorporates solutions that allow to gather  intelligence on viewability. Therefore you can see data, reports, and optimization by campaign, domain, page, placement, ad format, getting the best industry’s viewability coverage.
SmartyAds uses the technology which detects suspicious activity and all kinds of the advertising fraud, like bot traffic, pixel stuffing, domain spoofing, ad stacking, to give a real picture of the ad campaign performance. Their viewability plug alert allows advertisers identify real human views, discovering what type of ads generate the most views and engagement, and provides an insight of audiences and ad placements which are the best for the brand. Also, SmartyAds’ inventory doesn’t charge their clients for fake and wasted impressions, and viewable impressions are the only ones counted.
Viewability helps to understand the real value of ad inventory and performance of each ad placement. Proper layout of the web page design is incredibly important because it has a major impact on traffic monetization. With SmartyAds Viewability metric, publishers can re-evaluate and adapt their content to make it more attractive for the first-tier demand partners.
To increase your ad viewability, SmartyAds recommends paying attention to the following practices:

  • Select the most effective ad size

According to research conducted by Google & DoubleClick, the vertical ads work better for increasing ad viewability.

  • Place your ad units 150 PX away from content

Placing the ads very close to the content may cause accidental ad clicks. So, it’s a good habit of keeping adequate distance between ads and content.

  • Use  300×250 rectangular ads to increase impressions

According to the Google AdSense research, it has been found that if you use this rectangular ad above the page fold, viewability may increase up to 50%.

  • Use page-level ads

Page level ads are launched by Google AdSense to pace with the trend to mobile and are more suitable for mobile devices.

  • Lazy or smart loading of AdSense ads 

Lazy loading means to serve the ads only when they are within the viewport. You can tag your page for this feature with the help of Google publisher tags.
In the nearest future, measuring the quality of an ad in terms of viewability will play a decisive role. Therefore, it is now necessary to start paying attention to these metrics if you want to keep up with the market.
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