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Posted: September 29, 2014

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While the U.S. used to dominate affiliate marketing, anyone who spends time on affiliate communities online will soon realize that these days, mobile affiliates come from all over the world. Over the last few years a trend has become apparent: many of the super affiliates bringing in hundreds or thousands of dollars a day are from China. So what can affiliates in other countries learn from the impressive achievements of Chinese super affiliates?
The secret to the success of affiliates from China is primarily due to the emergence of several high-quality networks, located in China but catering to global affiliates, such as AppFlood, Avazu, and Yeahmobi. These companies have close ties to the biggest players in the Chinese mobile industry and understand how to get the best offers for their affiliates. For example, some affiliates promoting Chinese offers are currently making $5,000+ per day.

Chinese advertisers with deep pockets

Until just last year, Chinese technology giants like Baidu and Tencent were not contributing significantly to global mobile ad spend. However, in 2013, an industry-changing shift occurred. Between March and September Chinese advertisers spent 151% more on their mobile advertising campaigns, surpassing even U.S. ad spend according to AppFlood network stats. Moreover, these big spenders are no longer focusing on the Chinese domestic market but are hungry for global traffic.
When the top Chinese technology companies decide to market their apps globally, they generally choose to go through Chinese networks with international expertise. For networks operating outside of China, it’s difficult to understand the different ways that apps are promoted in China, or to form the same kind of close business ties that these Chinese companies have with each other. As Chinese app developers take an increasing share of global advertising spend, it will become more and more important to work with networks who can get the best Chinese offers.

CPA offers from China

As an example of the deals that Chinese affiliates are finding lucrative, here are some of offers you can find on AppFlood:

Du Battery Saver

China’s internet giant Baidu became one of the top 10 publishers on Google Play this year thanks to its two productivity apps, DU Speed Booster and DU Battery Saver, both of which have been downloaded over 50 million times. Both Baidu apps are exclusive offers on AppFlood, and DU Battery Saver in particular is a big money-maker for AppFlood affiliates. The AppFlood offer for Battery Saver has a $0.35 – $0.42 payout in 225 countries and has led to over 150,000 daily installs so far for AppFlood affiliates. DU Speed Booster has a special high payout of $0.57 for Brazil installs. After you register for AppFlood, you can see the details of the global Battery Saver offer here: Other versions of the offer are available for smaller groups of countries.
Du Battery Saver Affiliate Program 


CooTek, the Shanghai-based creator of the popular emoji keyboard TouchPal, is willing to pay $0.90 for android installs in the U.S. AppFlood affiliates are reaching install rates of up to 20%, so this app offer can bring in great revenue. Get the offer here:
TouchPal Affiliate Program

Apus Launcher

Since coming to Google Play in the summer of 2014, Apus Launcher has become the #1 personalization app in over 30 countries. On AppFlood, the Apus Launcher offer is available in 250 countries and has a $0.17 – $0.22 payout. This app is popular globally and has an average install rate of 12.07%, higher for experienced affiliates. The details of the offer for the highest paying countries are here:
Apus Launcher Affiliate Program

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser, recently acquired for $30 million by Chinese online game developer and operator Changyou, has ranked as the top productivity app in 84 countries. On AppFlood the payout for Dolphin Browser is $0.36-$0.55 and it has been installed over 80,000 times per day through the promotions of AppFlood affiliates. Get the offer here:
Dolphin Browser Affiliate Program
dolphin browser

WPS Office

WPS office is developed by leading Chinese software provider Kingsoft and has reached the top rank among business apps on Google Play in the U.S. and over 40 other countries. It is an exclusive offer on AppFlood. Available for 222 countries, the payout is $0.30-$0.35. Get it here:
wps office

You can get a piece of the pie

It’s not just Chinese affiliates who can make money from Chinese networks. This new group of networks are international, with a presence overseas and English speaking account managers. Super affiliates who already have experience running campaigns globally are perfectly poised to greatly increase their revenue by promoting offers from top Chinese companies.
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Mobile Affiliate Networks

See all mobile affiliate networks to find the best fit for your business.

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