appOptim launches a Social SDK to make apps go viral

James Cooper | February 18, 2014

App Marketing

appOptim is an interesting new ad network and app marketing service that offers something pretty unique – it’s social SDK connects to all the major social networks and allows developers to integrate a link to their app. So when a message is sent via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Skype, email or SMS a link back to the developer app is included. As CPI prices continue to rise, new ways of delivering app installs are becoming more and more important so this new SDK provides a very timely new opportunity for developers and marketers to find new routes to market and decrease the overall cost of user acquisition. The service is integrated with a number of popular platforms including PhoneGap, HTML5, Unity, Android, Basic4Android and Marmalade. Following Google’s ban on notification ads the industry desperately needs new innovative solutions and appOptim is one of the companies providing this for the Android ecosystem. The SDK is 100% compliant with the new Google Developer policies and has been successfully integrated by a large network of apps.
appOptim integrates with all major social networks 
In addition to the Social SDK appOptim offers developers attractive monetization potential paying up to $50 RPMD (revenue per 1000 downloads) with weekly payments. Specifically they offer $50 RPMD in Canada and the United States, $20 RPMD in Western Europe and Australia and $10 RPMD in South America. For advertisers, appOptim offers a range of formats including offer walls, interstitials and app of the day placements targeted by keywords or content category.
The video below provides a bit more information about appOptim:
appOptim introductory video

appOptim is based in Paris and the team have a great background in app advertising and promotion with over a decade of experience in digital marketing.   We caught up with Michael Attias, Mobile Monetization specialist and Director of Business Development at appOptim to find out a bit more about the network and what they offer.  
What is appOptim and how did you get started? 
appOptim is a global mobile ad network, offering a unique monetization and distribution solution by combining social networking and mobile advertising models.  Our innovative tools for developers allow to promote and monetize apps and generate high level revenue in comparison of the market offering. We help apps to become viral via multiple embedded functionalities in our SDK.  For Advertisers and networks, our platform targets and reaches millions of users with multiple ad formats adapted to their needs and the necessary optimization tools to guarantee the best distribution.
What are the main ad formats that you offer?
The Interactive SDK provides an in app widget with ads, social network tools, shortcut of your favorite apps on your device, and more including Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Wall ads and a Slide box ad unit.
What do you offer developers in terms of revenue models?
Two revenue sources for developers – RPMD (Revenue per thousand downloads) with action – up to 50$ and Revenue share
Your social SDK connects to a range of social networks including Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. What are the most successful social platforms for your developers in terms of driving viral traffic?
With no doubt Facebook on the head and then Twitter. The ability to share your app activity on FB news feed is an impressive socialization tool.
What sort of additional download volumes can developers expect from this SDK?
Depending on apps (those who do not exaggerate with multiple ad screens, and provide a real sense) we measured from 15% to 50% more download on the first month of activity. Beside we get everyday feedback on the fact that we increase developer revenues much more than most of the networks on the market, we are offering an RPMD business model which is very attractive and not common.
You are based in France – why are there so many great app advertising companies coming out of there?
I think there are today a some important spots that sees a growth of mobile app developers along with innovative technologies to support those developers. France is one of the countries together with UK, US, India and Japan that sees a lot of mobile technology initiatives and mobile technology awareness. A certain number of important mobile advertising and mobile development companies in San Francisco are owned or associated with french people.
What trends do you think will be important in the app advertising market over the next year?
Real time Bidding combined with Big data audience targeting is certainly the obvious evolution of the advertising market in the coming year. The introduction of Twitter and Facebook as mobile Ad Networks is exactly going on this technological path.
What events are you going to be at this year ?
24th- 27th February – Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona
19th – 21st March – GDC Expo 2014 San Francisco
26th – 27th March – Adtech San Francisco
What devices do you use (mobiles, tablets)?
Samsung S4, iPad Air
What is your favorite app and game? 
Pica Pice (app) Ruzzle (game)
Thanks Michael and look forward to hearing more from appOptim in the future.
You can find out more about the appOptim Social SDK on their website or follow them on twitter @appoptim and they also offer a referral program which offers some industry leading commissions so well worth checking out too

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