Majority of US shoppers make mobile purchases because it saves time

A majority of US shoppers are researching the products they are interested in online before purchasing them in-store. According to research from the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of US shoppers looked up products online before buying them in-store. Meanwhile, 72% of shoppers planned purchases on Amazon during the holiday season compared to 60% buying in-store.
Although Internet shoppers are becoming less picky when it comes to devices, the majority of them still prefer desktops to make a buy online. Mobile devices are being predominantly used when users already know what they wish to buy.
A majority of mobile shoppers (76%) use their smartphones to make purchases because it saves time. Meanwhile, 67% find shopping using mobile devices more difficult as it requires navigation around smaller pages.
Shoppers agree that one of the main frustrations with online shopping tends to be having to fill out the same information repeatedly.
74% of respondents said that they preferred simple checkout functionalities.
Meanwhile, unexpected shopping charges are a definite cause for uproar and can lead to abandoned shopping carts.
Interestingly, the study also notes that US consumers are finding foreign shopping websites harder to navigate than domestic ones.

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