Majority of Indian mobile phone users find mobile advertising annoying

60% of Indian mobile phone users find mobile advertising annoying. That’s the finding from a study by Singapore-based VoIP app nanu, which asked 3,735 consumers on their perception of mobile adverts.
Majority of Indian mobile users find ads annoying
However, not all ads were the same. Banner ads received a more positive rating as least annoying according to 52% of respondents. This could be because of their less intrusive nature. Pop-up and video ads on the other hand were viewed as most annoying by 55% of mobile users.
The outcome of the surveys suggests that mobile advertising fails to address two important factors: sales increases and brand building.
Indeed, whilst 46% of respondents would click on a banner advert intentionally, a whopping 80% try to avoid pop-ups and video ads. Two-thirds also said they doubted the authenticity of purchases made from mobile ads.
Martin Nygate, Founder & CEO, nanu, explains:
martin nygate

“The findings of the survey clearly highlights the ineffectiveness of the existing modes of advertising that brands are adopting, due to its intrusive nature. Increasingly, this invasive side of mobile advertising is adding up to its own plight by pushing mobile phone users to resort to using ad blocking software. It’s the present form of mobile advertising that eradicates all the smartness of our smartphones. We believe that mobile advertising needs to be completely non-intrusive and infused with the right set of analytics to ensure enough value proposition for both users and brands.”

With mobile advertising at the core of a brand’s digital strategy, marketers have become more focused to cater campaigns and ad types that yield higher brand visibility. However, nanu’s research clearly indicates that current strategies are leading to consumers being left irritated and annoyed.

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