Majority of game apps are monetised – Admob and Facebook lead

Anne Freier | September 11, 2017

Mobile Advertising

As app usage increase, app monetisation has taken off over the last few years. When it comes to game app monetisation, 70.7% of Android apps now contain adverts compared to 80.4% on iOS. For non-game apps, the percentage of Android apps featuring ads is slightly lower at 63%, and just 25.4% on iOS – that’s less than a third compared to game apps on the mobile operating system.
These findings are part of the latest Mobbo report, which analysed 1,000 SDK components to calculate the Mobile Advertising Power Index.
The study also noted that although iOS app developers are spending less on app ads, they are making more cash via paid apps, with iOS having 2.5x more paid apps and games compared to Android. It appears that iOS users are happier to spend more per app.
Meanwhile, Admob, the Google-owned mobile app monetisation and in-app advertising platform, dominates the market at 65.8% of Android Share of Voice, and 82% on iOS. Facebook ranks second with 21.8% on Android. It ranked sixth for iOS.
Notably, Chartboot appears to be catching up to AdMob as more game developers are trialling game-centered advertising SDKs.

Fyber, on the other hand, has quickly become one of the fastest growing monetisation SDKs, with a growth rate of 392.9% since the start of this year. The company quadrupled its client base and ranks ahead of Tappx, which tripled its client base (296.6% growth).

Mobbo said that some of the largest ad networks ranked at the bottom due to large growth being harder to achieve at that scale.
When it comes to retention rate, Cheetah Mobile had the best with 98%, followed by Tappx with 96.9% on Android. Cheetah Mobile also ranked first for iOS (99.7%) retention, followed by AdMob (99.6%).
The report also noted that video networks had seen impressive growth rates – including AdColony, Unity and Vungle. This demonstrates the rise of video as an in-app and app advertising format.