Majority of eCommerce sales now happening on mobile devices

Online fashion shopping has gone mobile with shoppers now spending more money on mobile than desktop devices, according to research by Nosto.

According to the study, 46% of eCommerce sales were made on mobile devices compared to 44% and 10% on tablets.

Importantly though, consumers tend to spend 30% less time on an eCommerce website when they use mobile devices compared to desktops.

Although conversion rates were up overall, cart abandonment rates remained fairly stable.

“The fashion retailers in our study are attracting nearly twice as much traffic from mobile as they are on desktop, but this creates a major challenge,” explained Jim Lofgren CEO of Nosto. “Mobile visitors continue to take less time on site, are spending less per visit and are less likely to make a purchase. How do you maximise the precious seconds mobile visitors give you?”

He added: “Part of the solution is about ensuring a mobile optimised website with fast page speeds and easy to view images and content. But the reality is that with a small mobile screen you have less on-page real estate to work with as well as having less time to woo the customer.”

Furthermore, fashion eCommerce saw a 33% increase in average revenue per visit on desktop, but 38% on mobile devices driven by major holiday shopping events such as Black Friday.

Traffic to fashion retailers is now also mobile-dominated with 58.1% happening on mobile, almost twice that of desktop. However, conversion rates were still higher on desktops (2.4%) compared to mobile devices (1.32%).

According to the insights, personalisation may be one meaningful method to improve the mobile customer experience.

“Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive personalisation, you can maximise the space on a mobile screen by automatically showing shoppers the most relevant selection of products and complimentary items, including their preferred brands and styles – all in real-time,” added Lofgren

“You can even instantly change the layout of the page and ensure shoppers are seeing the most appropriate images, offers and related content – such as blogs about fashion trends that might interest them. This will be the biggest driver for increasing both mobile sales and order values in fashion, as well as encouraging shoppers to spend longer on your site and to stop by again.”

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