Majority of Australians say that mobile web and app advertising quantity has increased

Smartphone users say that mobile ads are becoming increasingly more intrusive, according to research from the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, with help from other IABs worldwide. The  Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience survey asked 3,600 smartphone users in 18 countries about their perceptions of the mobile advertising experience.
A majority of Australians (64%) believe that advertising quantity on mobile devices actually increased, compared to 52% in 2016. Another 46% of respondents stated that ads had become more intrusive (31% a year ago) across the mobile web.
Before we dive in further, let’s first take a look at frequency of mobile device usage across measured countries and areas. Australia (70%) ranks second behind the UK where mobile device owners are using their devices 71% every 30 minutes compared to 61% in North America. In addition, the IAB found that mobile web and app usage does not differ all that much, with 84% of Australians using apps multiple times per day or daily and 88% on apps.
That’s an interesting statistic, because the more users are checking their phones the more they are exposed to mobile adverts.

For ads on mobile apps the responses are very similar with 59% of Australians stating that number of ads had increased compared to 49% saying ads were more and more intrusive.
Interestingly, just because something is intrusive does not mean it’s becoming less relevant. Indeed, mobile app ads are now perceived as a little more relevant compared to the previous year (increase of 5%).
When it comes to creativity of mobile ads, the majority of Australians believe things remained the same, whilst 29% of mobile web users say quality increased compared to 30% for mobile app ads.
Similarly, loading speeds are perceived to have increased somewhat though a majority of respondents believe they remained the same.

The type of content consumers view largely dictates if they prefer to use the mobile web or apps. Travel, automobile and news content is preferably viewed using the mobile web, whilst sports content, entertainment and social networking activities are mostly in-app.

Overall, consumers prefer to use the mobile web to make purchases and bookings whilst banking activities are preferably conducted in-app.

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