Majority of adults avoid mobile apps because of advertising or paid features prompts

Anne Freier | February 13, 2017

Mobile Advertising


Source Tutela

63% of adults avoid mobile apps due to too many adverts or being prompted to pay for extra app features.
That’s according to a survey of 600 mobile apps users in the UK and US, commissioned by wireless analytics monetisation company Tutela.
Mobile device users are now up to four times more likely to favour apps for collecting usage statistics (45%) than those they have to pay to download (17%) or apps which charge for full access to features (12%).
The survey also revealed that apps collecting statistics potentially provide an excellent source for revenue with 95% of mobile app users admitting that they would use an app that aggregates anonymous usage statistics.
Tom Luke, Vice President of Tutela, says:

“Revenue growth is a huge challenge for the mobile app industry. With thousands of new apps being created every day, users are overwhelmed with choice and can avoid or quickly churn away from apps requiring payments or displaying annoying ads.”

The study was conducted via a Google consumer survey in January 2017. Tutela offers app developers the chance to create free revenue reports to estimate their potential earnings.
Luke adds:

“This is where the Wireless Analytics Monetisation model can come in. Collecting signal strength statistics in the background can help mobile app publishers boost revenue without affecting user experience – while also helping to improve the world’s mobile 4G coverage.”

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