Major hires for Bidease will propel adtech company

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Posted: March 9, 2020

Bidease is excited to announce that it has hired Gary Fowler as Chairman and Derek Distenfield as COO to accelerate its global growth.

“We are thrilled to get the chance to work with Gary and Derek due to their fantastic records of helping startups achieve global success,” said Boris Abaev, Bidease CEO.

Mr. Fowler has been consistently recognized as one of the top AI executives in the world. He has founded 11 companies, including and DY Investments, and has a successful IPO and CKSW under his belt. At the AI startup, he contributed extensively to the growth of the company and helped it reach a significant valuation in just over three years. He has won numerous awards and is a contributing writer for Forbes.

For over 15 years, Mr. Distenfield has blazed high impact careers in startups, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. Known for bringing revolutionary new ideas to organizations that deliver explosive growth and for being efficient with limited resources, his high tolerance for ambiguity and complexity makes him an invaluable source of inspiration and advice for growth-oriented startups and founders. He is a frequent speaker, mentor, and startup business advisor and writes regularly for Forbes.

“Derek and I agreed to work with Bidease because we believe strongly in the work they’re doing to bring fully transparent, value-driven, performance oriented technology and business partnerships to the world of mobile advertising,” said Bidease Chairman Gary Fowler. “They are a natural fit for our leadership styles.”

With Gary and Derek’s expert guidance, Bidease will open a new office in Silicon Valley.

“Launching the Silicon Valley office was one of our first recommendations for Bidease due to the wealth of talent and financial opportunities available in that area,” explains Derek Distenfield, Bidease COO. “For forward-thinking leaders and teams who want to achieve global growth quickly, the relationships that can be built in Silicon Valley are second to none.”

Bidease hired Gary and Derek because of their combined expertise. Fowler’s international business and AI experience coupled with Derek’s skill in driving operational growth made them the logical choices for the ambitious and resilient Bidease team. Gary and Derek’s goal is to propel Bidease to international success by providing the tools, the connections, and the capital they need to truly #GoGlobal.

“We are excited about working with Gary and Derek,” said Boris Abaev. “Bidease is breaking new ground in adtech and accelerating the global spread of mobile marketing. This collaboration between us is a natural fit for many reasons.”

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