Madhouse adds 40+ Hero Apps and expands its programmatic buying platform PremiumMad

Peter Keung | April 20, 2015

Mobile Advertising

In order to offer more diverse mobile marketing solutions, Madhouse, the Chinese mobile advertising platform, has added over 40 Hero Apps and seeks to expand its programmatic buying platform PremiumMad.
Madhouse PremiumMad
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With content-based programmatic buying having changed the way marketers buy inventory on Hero Apps whilst securing their target audiences, the PremiumMad mobile ad platform offers advertisers high quality content and effective programmatic buying solutions through partnerships with a pool of Hero Apps. This keeps costs low and ensures greater success of campaign management as well as improved ad performance.
Hero Apps cover prominent categories such as music, social and news and company has already announced upcoming integrations of Duomi and Youting, Sohu TV, Toutiao and Wantu. The firm also announced partnerships with Kugou, Storm Player, The Bund, VIVA, Qingting FM and MM Bang.
In March this year, PremiumMad was awarded the “The Most Innovative Platform of the Year” by Vmarketing China magazine, honouring innovative platforms that drive the marketing industry in China.
Joshua Maa, Founder and CEO, Madhouse says:

“Madhouse has been always focusing on mobile and demand-side since the foundation of the company in 2006. This brand new programmatic buying platform is designed to serve the different demands of different advertisers.”

PremiumMad now also adds dynamic vertical optimisation (DVO) allowing marketers to display different ads to the same user under various circumstances. Madhouse says it plans to expand Hero Apps partnerships to 100. The firm’s other products include app marketing platform PerforMad, in-app ad network SmartMad and the audience extension platform OptiMad.

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