“Loyalty starts with context” – SessionM partners with Bottle Rocket to take consumer mobile experience to the next level

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SessionM, the real-time personalisation and loyalty platform, has partnered up with mobile strategy, design and development firm Bottle Rocket, which is part of the Ogilvy & Mather and WPP network of global agencies. Together, the companies are planning to let brands deliver rich, immersive mobile apps powered by mobile loyalty.
Essentially, the joint offering lets Bottle Rocket clients build apps that are designed to increase consumer engagement and retention with features from SessionM. Brand loyalty is an important criteria among marketers.
SessionM offers engagement and loyalty features through its Mobile Marketing Cloud
Source: sessionm.com
Brandon Berger, Worldwide Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, says:

“Bottle Rocket builds incredibly elegant custom mobile apps for leading brands. SessionM technology powers incredibly sophisticated custom loyalty programs for leading brands. Coming together, we will deliver the kind of highly personalized experiences, relevant and timely content and tangible rewards that will increase brand loyalty. We’re excited to leverage the SessionM platform inside Bottle Rocket’s award-winning user experience design to redefine loyalty apps for some of the world’s largest brands.”

The SessionM Mobile Marketing platform analyses consumer behaviour across a range of channels in order to deliver content, offers and rewards in real-time. These features can help to drive consumers to make more purchases and show signs of increased loyalty to a brand.
The company works with clients within retail, consumer packaged goods, sports and entertainment.
In partnership with Bottle Rocket, marquee clients are already reaping the benefits. As an example, a renowned CPG brand is currently building a mobile loyalty app with the two companies in order to boost in-store sales by offering incentives, rewards and information to shoppers in real-time.
Lars Albright, Co-founder and CEO of SessionM, adds:
lars albright

“Loyalty starts with context. Our technology provides a sophisticated understanding of what each customer has done and is doing in real-time across channels. This allows our clients to intelligently motivate each customer to the next high value behavior with the best omni-channel tool for the job. Working with Bottle Rocket brings all these capabilities to life beautifully. They understand how to leverage our technologies and insights to bolster both consumer engagement and long-term loyalty, thus making them even more effective. They take technology that’s very sophisticated and make it very elegant for clients and consumers.”

Bottle Rocket has been busy creating custom apps for established brands since 2008.
Calvin Carter, Founder and CEO, Bottle Rocket, adds that the partnership could provide a leading mobile loyalty experience and create good value for the client.

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