Lower growth hasn’t stopped Pokémon Go accelerating to $600m in revenue

Andy Boxall | October 27, 2016

App Business


Mobile gaming hit Pokémon Go continues to take plenty of money, despite its growth slowing down. According to App Annie, the game has become the fastest to reach $600m in revenue, The news comes soon after it broke $500m revenue, which it reached just 60 days after release, and has crushed the new record after 90 days.

Pokémon Go has reached $600m in revenue

app annie pokemon go

Comparing this with other major mobile releases, Candy Crush Saga took 200 days to reach the same amount of revenue, and Clash of Clans to 500 days. While Pokémon Go hasn’t continued to grow its user base with the same initial speed, players are still spending plenty of time with the game.

How much time? App Annie crunched the figures and found the amount of time spent with Pokémon Go came close to equalling to the next 19 games in the chart combined. Based only on Android data, the augmented reality game tool 45% of players time during the past three months.

Pokémon Go was referred to as a “big bang title,” by Nielson in a recent report, illustrating how users can quickly lose interest in a game following release, a trend it claims can be lessened by releasing timely new content updates.

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