Looking Local: Mobile Consumption Habits in SEA

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Posted: March 13, 2018

Southeast Asia is grabbing the attention of app advertisers all over the globe. With internet penetration growing at an impressive rate and only 53% of its combined population online today, the region has huge potential.
The main driver of this growth is internet use via mobile. SEA is a mobile-first and often mobile-only region, with 94% of internet users going online via their smartphones. Most developed countries first accessed the internet from desktop computer. They became accustomed to the desktop experience in their working and personal lives before the advent of the smartphone. In South East Asia, wide spread connectivity didn’t occur until after the smartphone was launched. The availability and increasing affordability of sophisticated mobile devices enabled SEA to leapfrog that initial phase of expensive desktop connectivity. The result is a population that almost exclusively accesses the internet for all manner of activities, via mobile.
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