London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding

adrienne Gauldie
Adrienne Gauldie, Founder of London Mobile was interviewed by George Osborne at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Adrienne for the interesting interview and you can catch her full talk on mobile real time bidding here on our sister site Business of Apps.

London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding, Video:

London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Real-Time Bidding, Audio:

London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding, Transcript:

Welcome to the App Promotion Summit. I’m George Osborn and I’m interviewing Adrienne Gauldie from London Mobile right now. Hi, Adrienne. Thanks very much for joining us.
Hi, George.
Could you tell us a little bit about what London Mobile is all about?
Yeah. Sure. Basically, I run an independent consultancy, and we do anything and everything related to app marketing. We do native app user acquisition, we help our clients find agencies and help them avoid those critical mistakes when you’re at the beginning of the learning curve.
What are some of those critical mistakes that you’ve been helping people avoid?
One of the most frequent ones that I get is actually forgetting to include attribution tracking for marketing. Some of my clients come to me, and maybe they’re already spending money on clicks, but they can’t see installs, for example. That’s the kind of thing.
That seems like a problem to me.
It could be a problem, yeah.
It could be something of a problem. You were talking a bit more about real-time bidding today; that’s what you were talking about. I felt it was a really interesting presentation about the problems, and the strengths and the opportunities using real-time bidding. Could you quickly summarize, maybe, what your main conclusions were about how real-time bidding is doing at the moment?
It’s early days so I think it’s clear that we’re going to see a lot of great things from the exchanges and from RTB-enabled buying platforms. The two take-homes really are, it’s early days; don’t expect too much. The second thing is you’re going to end up spending money on testing and finding out what works. If you haven’t got budget, stick to what you know.
Yeah. Obviously, you’ve been around for most of the day. You’ve been attending the talks. Have any of the talks particularly stood out for you? Were there any pieces of sage advice that you really thought, “Wow. That really resonates for me”?
Actually, I really liked the panel discussions. I think people are a bit more open with their opinions and it’s less pitchy. I thought it was really good to hear candid advice, especially with the panel discussion on organic channels of marketing and how to get downloads without spending money on media buying.
I think candidness is something that’s quite difficult within this. I think people talk a lot of the time about making sure you get a return on your investment and you’ve got a lifetime value. Actually, sometimes I don’t feel that people can always be as open or as transparent as they could be. Have you got any advice for any companies who are trying to be more transparent about ways they could go about it?
I think that some companies are worrying about disclosing their own trade secrets. I would say that in this industry, it’s a new economy and people that work together, these are the companies that are going to win. The companies that isolate themselves from playing with the other children; these guys are going to lose in the end.
One last ‘sharing is caring’ note: Have you got one top tip for us?
Top tip?
A top mobile marketing tip, you got one?
That’s a tough one. I would say top mobile marketing tip is think about how you’re calculating your L.T.V. You don’t know how much you can really afford to spend on every install unless you really think that you have a really good handle on how much you’re making out of all those users across a lifetime, across different channels. Getting a really good handle on your L.T.V is probably step one.
Okay, well that’s been really interesting stuff. Thanks very much to Adrienne Gauldie for joining us at the App Promotion Summit.
Thanks, George.

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