LiveRail goes beyond video to include display ads, and gets Facebook’s user data to attract advertisers

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Facebook has announced a feature update to LiveRail, its advertising server previously dedicated to video ads, which has now been expanded to include both video and display ads. By increasing LiveRail’s inventory, Facebook can help more publishers sell more advertising space, and include mobile display ads rather than simply video.
Facebook has integrated The Audience Network into LiveRail, enabling advertisers to spread ads out to third-party mobile apps outside of Facebook. For its display content, LiveRail will offer native ads, standard placement ads, banners, and interstitial ads.
LiveRail now features both video and display ads
LiveRail Ads
Perhaps more importantly, Facebook has given LiveRail access to its anonymous user demographic data, complementing the data provided by tracking cookies for advertisers, so they can explore new ways of getting the right ad seen by the right users. The data provided by Facebook will be available on all the ads offered through LiveRail, regardless of format, and for mobile and desktop devices.
With these new features, LiveRail has become Facebook’s own ad exchange, and is another step towards the social networking giant becoming a one-stop-shop for mobile advertisers, while suitably differentiating itself from the competition provided by Google and Twitter. Facebook believes its user data is more extensive, and more valuable, to advertisers than that provided by the competition, and now it’s going to prove it.
Announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the new LiveRail features are part of a closed test at the moment. Those wishing to be part of the program can apply for access on Facebook’s website here.

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