Live, interactive phone call app Unmute gets $2.2m in seed funding

Andy Boxall | January 25, 2016

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Unmute, the recently launched live, interactive phone call app, has received $2.2m in seed funding. The round was led by Greyloft Partners with a selection of angel investors contributing to it, along with names such as Comcast Ventures and Betaworks.

The app was released in November 2015 and allows users to make a publicly broadcast phone call that people can listen into, and leave live comments. Interestingly, the call host can add a listener to the conversation. The results are recorded, archived, and ready to be played back as a podcast.

Unmute, a live phone call app where users can interact, has raised $2.2m.

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Dana Settle, co-founder and partner at Greyloft Partners, said:


“It was clear to us that Unmute would be a powerful social play for influencers, news makers, and celebrities. More importantly though, the team at Greycroft was blown away by the usage of non-influencers and how quickly intimate connections were made between normal people across the globe. Another draw was the talented product team working on this project. They are repeat entrepreneurs, which is always appealing to the Greycroft investment team, that have had multiple apps featured by Apple.”

The funding will be used to build the team and to push forward with new initiatives. The app is only available for iOS.

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