A List of Mobile and In-App Video Advertising Networks

Video is one of the fastest growing areas of mobile and in-app advertising.  A recent report, ‘Mobile video ad spend will reach $1.5B by the end of the year‘, published by VentureBeat in September 2014 claims that U.S. ad firms and marketers will spend about $1.5 billion on mobile video adds by the end of 2014, up from the $722 million spent last year.

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The report quotes eMarketer principal analyst David Hallerman, who says: “Mobile video ads accounted for nearly 19 percent of all digital video ad spending last year, a number that will climb to nearly 26 percent by the end of this year”.  He also estimates that by the end of 2018 that figure will quadruple to over $6 billion. “This is huge growth,” Hallerman says.
All the companies featured on our list will help developers and brands to monetize their apps or videos with most, if not all, specializing in app and video advertising across major platforms such as android and iOS. Apple claim that its iOS 8 software has been installed on 63 percent of active devices and now incorporates App Store video previews.
It’s a further boost to developers because app advertising is another large area of growth as App Store video previews will allow developers  to publish trailers. They’ve been a part of Google Play for quite a while and Google rewards developers who use video trailers through improved search ranking of their websites.
One important area that is reshaping the digital media landscape is programmatic advertising and the automation of online ad-buying. Many publishers and advertisers are already using automated ad-buying and selling tools, including real-time bidding, and Beachfront Media in particular is on our list because it is due to launch its own programmatic video ad platform for mobile app advertisers.
Programmatic advertising technology is already changing the face of advertising and a multi-platform approach is essential to both buyers and sellers. That’s why a company such as Vdopia is important as programmatic buying and selling for mobile video advertising is on track to become the primary engine in digital trading.
Many networks are creating, or already have, exchanges to trade mobile/in-app video ads programmatically. Specialist exchange networks such as Vungle are leading the way and is why the company tops our list.
Another large area of growth is the use of mobile and app video ads increasingly appealing to performance advertisers as well as brands, for example the use of app video ads for promoting apps or games. Social media and technology giants such as Facebook and YouTube/Google are already offering mobile video formats with a potentially huge market ready to be tapped into.
Here’s our list of top 10 mobile/app video advertising networks to help time-poor app developers seek the best way of monetizing their work.
The Full list:

Vungle describes itself as “the leader in in-app advertising”, but that is not the only reason it is at the top of our list. Many of the top developers and publishers are already working with Vungle such as Zeptolab and Mobjo and the company has offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin and Beijing with over 50 employees. Watch out for ‘Vungle Exchange’, “the first-ever in-app mobile video ad exchange” that will bring more brand advertisers on-board, allowing them to easily repurpose their TV ad content for mobile.
Need to know:
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco
Pitch: “The leader in in-app video advertising”
Video for Vungle Exchange

AdColony is also one of the leading mobile video advertising and monetization platforms, boasting its proprietary ‘Instant-Play’ video ad technology that will dish out ads instantly to popular apps across Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. The company was recently bought by browser maker and mobile ad company Opera for a cool $75 million which should increase AdColony’s profile in the mobile advertising ecosystem.
Need to know:
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Los Angeles
Pitch:  “Our expertise in development & innovation fueled by consumer insights delivers superior results for publishers & advertisers”
Slideshare for AdColony’s Mobile Marketing and User Acquisition Trends – 2014 and Beyond

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Mobile Advertising Companies

See all mobile advertising companies to find the best fit for your business.

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Vdopia positions itself in the marketplace as the global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising. It’s near the top of our list because programmatic advertising is a hot topic and uses bits of coded intelligence behind what ads show based on screen size and user context. The company’s own .VDO technology scales ads across any mobile devices. In October it unwrapped ‘Chocolate’ its programmatic marketplace platform for mobile video advertising.
Need to know:
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Fremont, California
Pitch: “Vdopia is the global programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video advertising”
Vdopia’s new Chocolate Website screenshot

Inneractive is also a global programmatic ad stack platform for mobile publishers focusing on video, hyper-local and in-app search advertising. Its SDK will allow publishers to access out-of-the-box video capabilities to serve up full screen ads with an embedded HTML5 video player. The company says that Inneractive publishers also get full visibility and control over video buyers bidding on their inventory, can set floor prices, and/or remove unwanted demand sources.
Need to know:
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Israel
Pitch: “Simple app monetization solution across all platforms irrelevant of location”
Video for Inneractive: App Monetization. Simplified

NativeX pitches itself in the mobile ecosystem as “the leading advertising technology for mobile games”. The company created a buzz earlier this year with the release of  its ‘Lightning Play Video’ technology, a powerful video ad format that provides games developers with another tool to best monetize their apps by serving the right ad format based on what’s happening in the game, without interrupting user experience. The company boasts  more than 1 billion users across 178 countries and  partnerships with top app developers including Yahoo, Sky Vu and Imangi Studios.
Need to know:
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Pitch: “NativeX offers a proven combination of cutting edge data science and custom native ad experiences”
NativeX Slideshare on its services for developers

Unity Ads is used by top brands such as Sega, Supercell, and King – both for monetizing their user base and acquiring highly-valued users through  Unity’s premier mobile game ad network. Watch out for a bunch of a new features that, at the time of writing, are in Beta and available only for Unity developers. Unity is a big mobile video game developer and its recent acquisition of Applifier and its Everyplay Replay software along with Applifier’s video ad network, GameAds, should further increase the company’s profile.
Need to know:
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
Pitch: “Every game can choose from any number of ad networks”
Unity Ads Website Screenshot

Facebook Premium Video Ad Service
Facebook’s Premium Video Ad service was launched in May 2014 as a way for advertisers to place their brands in front of an estimated 1.23 billion users, of which 703 million are daily active users. The social media giant has also announced that mobile app advertisers can now feature autoplay video ads within Facebook’s mobile apps guaranteeing that their app ads will reach as many people as the advertiser wants and will only reach those people as many times as the advertiser wants. Its Video Metrics tool should prove useful to advertisers wishing to understand how people respond to their videos.
Need to know:
Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Pitch: “Your business gets more value from every ad”
Facebook’s Audience Retention dashboard

YouTube Mobile Video Ads
YouTube estimates that more than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on its channels by at least 1 billion unique users a month. In the past year, YouTube says its percentage of video views from mobile has doubled, and video viewing activity on YouTube Mobile has tripled. The company’s mobile ad formats include: Mobile Roadblock, which shows how many people viewed your ad on YouTube Mobile for a full day; and InStream Video Ads, which runs when Android YouTube app users play a video from a premium inventory partner; and brand channels.
 Need to know:
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: San Bruno, California
Pitch: “With video ads you pay only when someone chooses to watch your ad”
YouTube Video Ads – Watch it Work for Your Business

Beachfront Media
Beachfront Media has been making a lot of noise with the launch of Beachfront.io, a programmatic video ad platform for mobile app advertisers. The platform will support real-time bidding (RTB) on both private and public ad exchanges. Beachfront Media will also be rolling out its own ad exchange to support the use of  its platform. While the platform is focused primarily on mobile in-app video advertising, it will also support other forms of video, such as connected TV and mobile web.
Need to know:
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Burbank, California
Pitch: “Beachfront Media’s mission is to enable awesome video experiences across all platforms and devices”
Beachfront Website screenshot

YuMe is a multi-screen video advertising technology company that started out in TV brand advertising. With people now relying much less on TV to watch programming. According to a YuMe infographic, “Mix Measure: Exploring the Impact of Multi-screen Mixology,” the average consumer household has at least four devices that members use to watch video: A computer, smartphone, tablet and computer. YuMe for Publishers (YFP),  is a scalable suite of video ad management software solutions that will run seamlessly across all screens. As a provider of digital video brand advertising it packs a substantial audience database that powers its own placement quality index (PQI) and finds the best placement to drive attention and campaign performance.
Need to know:
Founded:  2004
Headquarters: Redwood City, California
Pitch: “We believe that dramatic shifts in consumer viewing behavior are heralding a new era for digital brand advertising”
Video of YuMe’s UK multi-screen study

Final Thoughts
If you are still running banner ads and push notifications then you are way behind the game, to be successful developers need to continually look for innovative ways to create revenue.
We predict more consolidation of companies similar to the deals with UnityAds and Applifier and Opera and AdColony. For advertisers, mobile-app videos offer a new way of engaging a dynamic audience and the big players will look to bring all the technology under one roof and onto multi-platforms.

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