LinkedIn expands objectives for Campaign Manager

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 15, 2019

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that their campaigns reach their business goals.

That’s why LinkedIn has added three new objectives to its Campaign Manager first launched in October 2018.

The new objectives – brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants – have been developed to make it easier for businesses to focus on key results and align their campaign objectives.

According to initial tests, the additions lifted customer satisfaction by 67% compared to LinkedIn’s legacy Campaign Manager experience.

Brand awareness allows businesses to increase the share-of-voice for their products and services campaigns that charge by impressions.

Meanwhile, website conversions allow them to build campaigns which are optimised for certain actions such as purchases or downloads.

Businesses on the lookout for job applicants are able to drive applications on LinkedIn using the Campaign Manager.

“Objective-based Buying generated 300% more sign ups than standard bidding over an equivalent amount of time. Objective-based Buying generated more conversions than any other similar time period I compared it to, all the way back to 2015,” said A. J. Wilcox at B2Linked.

LinkedIn added that it was improving its click pricing to align with business objectives. This means that advertisers who opt for website visits as objective will only be charged for clicks going to a landing page. Social engagement campaign pricing is optimised for actions.