Liftoff raises $5m to grow its cost-per-action optimized mobile app install model

Andy Boxall | February 17, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Liftoff, an app marketing and retargeting company focused on gaining users who engage beyond just downloading an app, has released its first Mobile App Engagement Index Report, detailing the costs associated with such acquiring and retaining such users.
According to the report, the average cost of acquiring a registered user from a mobile app install ad is $9.45, which rose to $24 for users who share content, right up to $92 and $300 for users who purchase and subscribe respectively. Social media apps have the highest install-to-registration conversion at just over 88%. In second place was eCommerce apps at 70%, and financial apps in third with 52%. Staying with social apps. On average, a user shared content from a social app 19 times within the first 30 days of using it.
Liftoff’s report shows the average cost of acquiring app users from mobile install ads
Going back to costs, Liftoff found the cost of acquiring a registered user on iOS was 23.4% more expensive than acquiring one on Android. However, grabbing users that make purchases or perform some kind of post-install action was 30% cheaper on iOS than on Android.
Liftoff believes that while buying ads on a cost-per-install basis is convenient, the method doesn’t provide much insight into the user or the ROI of a campaign. The benchmarks and figures established in the Mobile App Engagement Index shift the focus to a cost-per-action model. The company has received $5m in new funding to grow its CPA-optimized model further.
Mark Ellis, Liftoff’s CEO, said:

“The funding we received validates our focus on CPA-optimized mobile app install ads. While most mobile marketers have traditionally spend money acquiring installs that never convert into high value users, Liftoff now helps marketers acquire mobile users that take more profitable actions beyond the install, like making a purchase, reserving a hotel room, or renewing a subscription.”

Liftoff’s database is built around 1.1 billion unique mobile profiles. You can download the full Mobile App Engagement Index Report for free from Liftoff’s website.

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