Less than 10% of advertisers are prepared for the future of personalised mobile marketing

Anne Freier | December 21, 2015

Mobile Advertising

According to a new whitepaper produced by mobile communications company, Kahuna, in association with Ascendant Network, the future of marketing is personalised. However, under 10% of advertisers are prepared for it. The Future Will Be Personalized report also found that despite all marketers interviewed agreeing with a strategy to implement omni-channel engagement with consumers, a mere 6% are ready to do so right now.
100% of marketers believe omni-channel is important to the brand experience
Source: kahuna.com
Lauren Freedman, President, e-Tailing group, says:
lauren freedman

“Significant gaps exist between what shoppers expect and what retailers are currently delivering. Well-heeled retailers are making the necessary and right investments to allow shoppers to easily shift channels but the promise of omnichannel has not been fully realized.”

Many marketers are still considering omni-channel strategies as difficult to implement. Among their major challenges are a lack of resources (78%) and inconsistency of tech data (72%). Over half of marketers (57%) consider a lack of available marketing technology a core problem.
Challenges to implement omni-channel communication
Source: kahuna.com
Given the fast adoption of mobile technology, marketers agree that mobile is a critical component of their omni-channel efforts. Almost 88% said that mobile would be at the center of their marketing spend over the next three years. However, less than half of marketers (47%), said they had the tools to do so.
Mobile is a key component of omni-channel
Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 10.06.16 AM
Source: kahuna.com
In addition, companies are not utilising mobile data fully yet. Just 42% use mobile data such as location or in-app data to personalise their mobile messages. A mere 31% used mobile data to personalise other channels such as email or display banners.
Marketers aren’t utilising mobile data fully
Source: kahuna.com
David Cooperstein, part of the Retail Ascendant Council, adds:

“It reminds us of the famous William Gibson quote: ‘the future is here – it’s just not widely distributed yet’. Marketers who have the tech and know-how to personalize their communications effectively across channels in ways that engage customers will have an extraordinary competitive advantage in the coming years.”

This is a critical time for marketers to rethink their tech strategy and marketing efforts in order to keep on top of the trends. The whitepaper recommends:
Path to personalise messages
Source: kahuna.com

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