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Posted: November 28, 2016

Smart links are a “must” and at Kimia we go beyond the standard to offer two kinds of smart links. Both of them can be setup in a “generic vertical” mode, however our smart links also allow you to show offers on only one type of vertical if you wish.
– Matic: the standard smart link. Optimised by vertical, geo, device, carrier/wifi etc. Each click is sent to the best offer available for that segment combo. The optimisation is based on our own algorithm.
– Matrix: advanced – We offer you the tools to design your own smartlink.
You can define “simple” rules like:

  • IF geo= “ES” AND carrier= “Vodafone” THEN offer –> “X”
  • ELSE offer -_> “Y”

Or more “complex” rules like:

  • IF geo= “ES” AND carrier=”Vodafone” then offer –> X
  • IF geo= “ES” AND carrier= “Movistar” then =
    –>50% goes to offer “X”
    –>30% goes to offer “Y”
    –>20% goes to Kimia algorithm.
  • IF geo= “ES” AND carrier= “WIFI” then → send the traffic back to my fallback URL (this URL can be another networks smart link, @ Kimia we allow this. The aim is for you to optimise your traffic to achieve top revenue for every click.)

If you choose the advanced version, you have more flexibility and control over the offers you will promote, though, of course, it also requires maintenance from your side.
In both cases, we achieve the segmentation using our own internal carrier detection system (IP filtering) and custom database.
As one of our main KPIs is our user-friendly platform, these smart link options are all available on a very simple drop down menus interface.
We also give you access to detailed stats by offer (both “id” and “name”) inside the stats platform. You can set-up direct campaigns to individual products if you prefer and view specific performance data.
For more information, you can visit the Kimia site here.

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