Learn About The Mobile App Marketing Challenge

George Osborn | September 4, 2014

App Marketing

The mobile app economy is getting harder and harder to succeed in. That is pretty much a fact. With more apps being released than ever, massive success stories hoovering up the user cash and acquisition costs on the rise, the app marketing challenge is one that is becoming more difficult to overcome each year that goes by.

Fortunately, Richard Pidgeon, formerly of Distimo and now of App Annie, gave an interesting talk at the App Promotion Summit in London about the extent of the challenge back in the Summer of 2013. Acting initially as a useful contemporary account of the app marketing challenge, Richard’s talk is now an excellent way to get yourself up to speed on the way that the app economy was in 2013 and how it has evolved since then.

The major highlights for you to look out for from Richard’s talk include:

  • Statistics that show how the app stores had grown throughout 2013 and what in particular the main challenges were for the app market as a whole.
  • Insight into how the biggest companies were overcoming the mobile app marketing challenge.
  • A look into growth sectors in the app economy (handy for those looking to see if they’ve picked the right market direction with their app).

Check out Richard’s presentation below on our Youtube channel below.

You can get access to all the videos and transcripts from the conference in our App Promotion Summit London Bundle

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