Leadbolt releases SDK Version 6.0 for Android and iOS

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Partner Post - Leadbolt - Get the new SDK v. 6.0

Posted: October 20, 2015


Leadbolt has announced the arrival of their latest SDK version 6.0 for iOS and Android. This SDK release extends their SDK’s compatibility and provides a range of new features to enhance developers’ app monetization efforts.

iOS 9 Compatibility

Their latest SDK version 6.0 is xCode 7, iOS 9 compatible. If you are building apps for iOS9, this is the SDK to use.

Better Video + Premium Demand Sources

The support for video has been extended with enhanced video functionality that aligns you with additional video demand from premium advertisers. If your apps utilize video ads, you’ll want to be compatible with these top quality demand sources.

Better Access to Advertisers

You can now optionally pass user information such as age range and gender, appealing to those premium advertisers looking for specific audiences.

Simple Integration

They have enhanced app developers integration experience as well, with the inclusion of the “isAdReady” function and extended log debug messages to streamline integration even further.

Extended Framework Support

Leadbolt support many app development frameworks and mediation platforms, allowing them to be available how and where their publishers want. With this new SDK version, they now support Adobe, in addition to Unity, Admob, HeyZap, Mopub, Marmalade and Cordova. If you are an Adobe developer, download the new Adobe framework for this SDK and get started.

Just Better

Leadbolt has worked hard to optimize and improve on their industry-leading SDK to make it even better for you. We recommend that all app developers update to the latest Leadbolt SDK version 6.0.

SDK 6.0 is now available for download from help.leadbolt.com/app-developers

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