Leadbolt Offers Free Mobile Monetization Lessons to App Developers

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Partner Post - Leadbolt - Learn how to Monetize Your App

Posted: July 16, 2015


Leadbolt are offering a free course of curated lessons from their team that are designed to help app developers learn about the mobile monetization industry. By registering their interest app developers will receive lessons focused on specific aspects of the mobile industry.


There will be three lessons that focus on different areas: lesson 1 will help app developers master the fundamentals, more advanced strategies will be presented in lesson 2 and expert tips are available in lesson 3. App developers are then invited to take an optional quiz about the material, they’ll then be recognized with a sparkly Leadbolt badge upon completion of the quiz.

App developers will learn the following:

  • App Ideation
  • Secrets of a Successful App Launch
  • Monetize Your App
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Marketing Your App

Sounds like a great chance for app developers to boost their knowledge about the mobile monetization industry, and most importantly, for free as well.

What are you waiting for, register your interest here.

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