Leadbolt launches smart in-app video ads, shown to increase engagement by 75%

Andy Boxall | February 23, 2015

Mobile Advertising

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Leadbolt has announced it’s offering in-app video adverts through its own Direct Deals Marketplace, where advertisers and developers can select the option, ready to install in both Android and iOS mobile apps. It’s Leadbolt’s first move into the growing world of mobile video ads, and it says it’s doing so in a smarter way than its competitors, by making them less annoying to users.
It’s doing this in several different ways. The ads run for either 15 or 30 seconds, can be skipped or repeated, and are unaffected by latency problems because the data is pre-cached. Leadbolt’s also thinking about placement, and plans to insert the video ads at specific moments, such as at the end of a game level, where the player may be more receptive to viewing a short ad. The videos will adapt for different screen sizes, and provide several auto-play options.
Dale Carr, CEO and founder at Leadbolt, said:

“Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video. With smartphones now the first screen for many people our new video ad format delivers on the consumer expectation for gorgeous high quality and engaging viewing experiences. Our mobile video ads are a winning proposition on many levels, as they are proven to engage audiences and convert consumers, while allowing a seamless and enjoyable app usage experience.”

In an interview with VentureBeat, Carr continued:

“Leadbolt’s sophisticated ad serving technology is getting even smarter. It considers many factors and data points to detect and deliver the best-matched ad to a specific audience and app. Quality is a key factor here, as the video quality is not only exceptional but plays without any load time.”

In tests with one game developer, Moville, known for its educational apps including PlayKids,  Leadbolt states its video ads had 18 times the traffic, 25 times the installs, and 75% more engagement than other ad formats. The introduction of Leadbolt’s video ads comes a few weeks after the company announced its Direct Deals Marketplace had been integrated with Google’s AdMob.
To learn more about Leadbolt, visit its company profile here.

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