Leadbolt launches mobile playable adverts to boost conversions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 31, 2017

Leadbolt, the high performance mobile advertising platform, has just added mobile playable ads as part of its suite of mobile ad format solutions.
The company says it has been developing and testing the new playable ad formats since early 2017. Leadbolt conducted a series of trials with key partners to ensure optimised performance, flow, quality and track-ability.
As such, the company found that the new formats delivered 8x improved success across standard campaign metrics when compared against static full-screen interstitial ads. Playable ads doubled click-through rates and showed a 4x improvement in conversion rate.
In addition, post-install engagement performance can be measured when using Leadbolt’s real-time predictive audience targeting platform.
Playable ads have several advantages when it comes to making connections with users. They help app users to learn more about an app, preview an app or game and engage with an app via an app store.
Marc Carr, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of Leadbolt, explains:

“Playable Ads are outstanding vehicles for driving three very important success metrics for user acquisition campaigns: Connection, Conversion and Engagement. By previewing promoted games and apps directly in the ad itself before a download occurs, we’re basically providing a user-engagement experience with no-strings attached.Interested players are pre-qualified upfront reducing potential churn, and assisting the development of high-value, long-term relationships with new players.“

The interactive in-app ads are now officially available for iOS and Android app developers via the Leadbolt SDK.