Leadbolt launches Direct Linkouts to offer customized app install ad integrations

Jamie Giggs | September 18, 2014

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad network Leadbolt has launched its Direct Linkouts service that allows app advertisers to use customised app install ads without the use of an SDK.
The limited-access service provides app publishers with a range of app install campaigns to choose from, allowing them to simply link to the offers they want to display instead of going down the standard SDK integration route – which can take some time to set up and doesn’t provide the same level of control over which app install ads are shown.
Effectively Leadbolt is offering a similar service to mobile affiliate or CPA networks where a publisher can choose which app offers to promote and has flexibility over how these are integrated into their app. This model is increasingly attractive for both developers and ad networks given the proliferation of ad SDKs on the market and the increasing complexity of app code bases forced to support a multitude of third party advertising and analytic software.
Examples of CPI Campaigns Available on Leadbolt Linkouts
The key features of the Leadbolt Linkouts service at launch include availability of 100s of CPI campaigns covering over 120 countries and support for both iOS and Android platforms.  According to Leadbolt CEO Dale Carr the new service provides an easy way for developers to test out new campaigns:
Dale Carr

“We service a global developer community, and we realize that one size does not fit all.  Leadbolt Linkouts were designed for developers who prefer a very quick and simple way to monetize their apps, vs. integrating with an SDK,” said Dale Carr, CEO and founder.  “The direct linkouts put the publisher in control to tap into top offers and display campaigns of their choice where, when and how they like – instantly.”

In the past where Leadbolt has innovated (new ad formats, the development of alternatives to Android notification ads and mobile native ads) the rest of the market has followed so it will be interesting to see how the market and developers react to this latest initiative.
Leadbolt Linkouts are currently only available for select publishers and those that are interested should apply here.

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