Leadbolt bucks RTB trend with new direct deals platform

Leadbolt has announced Leadbolt Connect, a new direct deal marketplace for mobile advertising designed to buck the trend toward Real Time Bidding with a more transparent platform.
The new platform lets publishers to view deals and their details, such as targeting and payouts, select and apply for deals of interest and instantly activate deals or pause them at any time. Advertisers and publishers can also connect and establish private premium deals between each other.
We’ve seen plenty of direct deals platforms before on mobile, but Leadbolt is saying this is a truly “next generation” iteration. One of its key features is more transparency, allowing publishers to check out who advertisers are partnering with, what offers they are running and how well they are performing.
Leadbolt also claiming an intuitive UI, global traffic, and much more control over monetisation options on its platform. Advertisers can also track, analyse and report in real time. The ad network believes its new platform will deliver a better quality experience for publishers compared to RTB platforms.
LeadBolt CEO Dale Carr said

“We introduced Leadbolt Connect, our Direct Deal Marketplace to address the problems obvious in today’s RTB platforms. By providing campaign visibility upfront and fostering transparent publisher and advertiser connections, direct deals remove the guesswork and enable more predictable outcomes to advertisers.”

All app categories are supported, included games, entertainment, utility, social, music, health, photo and video apps.
With RTB heralded as the future of mobile advertising, it’s interesting to see Leadbolt take a different direction and argue for more predictability and better relationship building between publishers and advertisers. For more information head over to the website.

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