Latest AppsFlyer Performance Index finds smaller players are conquering market share

Anne Freier | February 23, 2018

Mobile Advertising

According to the latest Performance Index by AppsFlyer, Facebook is still the top media source for app advertisers. Together with Google, the social media giant dominates the app install advertising market in the index.
However, compared to AppsFlyer’s previous index, the share of both companies remained fairly unchanged. That’s potentially good news for smaller players trying to break into the market.
Almost 75% of apps are now running campaigns on Facebook compared to 45% on Google. Facebook thus scored top in both the power rankings of gaming as well as non-gaming performance indexes and ROI and targeting indexes.
Meanwhile, fraud is still a big topic on everybody’s mind. Overall, AppsFlyer found a 5% increase in the share of fraudulent installs. 45% of media sources had more graud compared to the previous index, whilst 8% had the same and 47% had less fraud.
Although more media companies are now addressing fraud issues, others should pay attention and begin to protect themselves.
Nine of the 26 media sources in the non-gaming index were brand new to the universal ranking, including Global Wide Media, Digital Turbine, Leadbolt, Moloco, Adperio and Liftoff. Clearly, the space for non-gaming apps is opening up.
Within gaming, six out of 28 networks were new.
Furthermore, Apple has boosted its traction thanks to Search Ads. App installs grew 5x for Search Ads.
AppsFlyer also notes that top performers in both non-gaming and gaming indexes have one thing in common: good retention.
In addition, ROI and a low cost-per-install were found to be correlated. That means, marketers must ultimately pay better attention to revenue when selecting media sources.

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