Kony updates MobileFabric, adds new API and APM features


Enterprise mobility company Kony has sent out an update to MobileFabric, its enterprise mobile app development platform. Version 6.5 includes new API management and app management features, plus analytics and APM services.

Burley Kawasaki, SVP of products and strategy at Kony, said:


“IT and app developers alike are often trapped by technological limitations that prevent them from building innovative mobile apps. Kony MobileFabric provides organizations with the best of both worlds – giving the organization the opportunity to innovate at a faster pace with pre-built, enterprise grade backend services without conceding on control needed to keep the business from risk. Developers are free to use any toolset they choose and IT can provide flexibility and security simultaneously.”

MobileFabric provides enterprises with a managed backend infrastructure, and has been updated to version 6.5


Kony’s new MobileFabric feature list includes:

  • Open standard support for iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, JavaScript, and PhoneGap.
  • Cloud platform support including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Support for backend services such as Red Hat, Windows, and IBM WebSphere
  • New API management with support for 90 different adapters.
  • Real-time analysis of user mobile experience.
  • Custom report designer
  • Real-time analytics and APM.

Kony provides a free Developer Edition, which only comes with Amazon Web Service fees, to help reduce the cost and complexity of mobile app development. This edition, along with other MobileFabric builds, can be found on Kony’s website here.

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