Kony launches “revolutionary” enterprise app design tool Visualizer 2.0


Mobile development platform Kony has announced the Kony Visualizer 2.0, which it’s calling a “revolutionary new mobile app design solution.”

Of course there are plenty mobile app development platforms out there that help simplify the process and make it easier to develop apps with no coding knowledge. However, Kony’s Visualizer 2.0 is aimed squarely at enterprise users and is designed to create rapid preview app. Kony says these previews can then be viewed, published and shared on phones, tablets and other devices via its cloud collaboration services.

The backdrop to all of this is the fast growing MBaaS/mobile development platform sector, which has seen some recent consolidation, as well as big investments. IDC predict the market will generate $4.8 billion by 2017 and Kony’s rivals such as Kinvey and built.io have already started to skew more and more toward enterprises. Kony’s latest announcement will be another attempt to set it apart from the pack, hopefully enticing those enterprises who want a slicker tool to work with.

Kony’s SVP of products Ben Kawasaki said:


“A major inhibitor to successful enterprise mobile app adoption is the huge gap between what the business stakeholder expects and what IT delivers. We’ve heard from our customers that the majority of defects found in apps are directly related to the user interface design and experience. To solve this issue, we have built Kony Visualizer to fundamentally change the process of creating stunning mobile app designs. By providing a single solution that enables collaboration across all stages of the mobile app design process, we are empowering app designers, developers and business analysts to work together in a much more cohesive manner.”

Kony says Visualizer 2.0 boasts features such as cross platform layout, layering and animations, the ability to switch between iOS, Android and Windows with instant previews. There’s also enhanced collaboration capabilities, so designers, business users and developers can work together in real-time and the ability to reuse app code, eliminating the need for “throw-away prototypes.”

Kony’s announcement comes hot on the heels of its Mobile Fabric platform launch, which unifies multiple cloud services and middleware tools. You can find out more info on the Kony website.

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