Kochava announces partnerships to expand attribution and targeting features for digital campaigns

Mobile real-time data solutions provider, Kochava, has partnered with Cuebiq, the insights, and measurement company, to improve attribution for out-of-home (OHH) advertisers.

Cuebiq provides location intelligence data, which Kochava will combine with its install data to provide better attribution.

Through this partnership, app marketers will be able to tie app installs to OHH ad exposure by combining attribution with location and dwell time data.

“By connecting the devices that physically passed a billboard within a specific time range, and comparing device location with those devices that installed within a set time frame, we can fairly accredit an app install to an OOH ad,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. “Our partnership with Cuebiq provides accurate install time measurement for marketers to better understand how their out-of-home media is performing.”

Cuebiq, which collects first-party data, lets users opt-in to share their data from their mobile devices.

Kochava appears to be busily expanding its features for advertisers. This week, the company’s mobile data marketplace, Kochava Collectivepartnered with Intent IQ to roll out web-to-mobile targeting for marketers.

The addition will simplify cross-device optimisation for retailers and retail advertisers.

“Understanding unified identity behind a specific mobile or desktop device enables marketers to unlock a treasure trove of insights about consumer behavior across the various devices they use each day,” said Grant Cohen, GM of Kochava Collective. “With our continued expansion of consumer identity solutions, we’re helping marketers to thoroughly harness their data to maximize their efforts.”

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