Kochava adds solution to make it easier to keep track of mobile ad campaign costs and returns

Anne Freier | September 7, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile attribution and analytics firm, Kochava, just rolled out dynamic media cost data as an addition for its Kochava dashboard. This adds clearer cost and performance measures to a mobile advertising campaign.
Indeed, a lack of cost data makes it harder for marketers to fully understand the real cost of an ad campaign.
Kochava adds media cost data as part of its SDK dashboard
Source: kochava.com
With the addition of media cost data, consumers can see how various metrics converge. The data that Kochava collects is layered on top of customers’ other campaign data within the Kochava dashboard. Advertisers can then change the view to analyse day-to-day activity to more easily view associated costs with each point across an app campaign.
In addition, clients get to view specific campaign peaks and valleys to evaluate how costs have changed throughout and what delivered the most efficient and cost-effective ROAS. Kochava’s dynamic visualization tool makes it easier for consumers to highlight nuances and show connections and patterns.
In addition, they can manipulate the data to compare how a network performs or what user acquisition or reengagement efforts would cost them.
Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava, says:
charles manning

“As the market matures and advertisers become more and more sophisticated, their demands for the types and depth of data are growing. They are increasingly demanding more details around how their campaigns are performing and they don’t want to have to piece together information from multiple sources and vendors. With Kochava advertisers get a single platform that pulls together all the data they need, from impressions and clicks, to installs and events, and now we’ve added media cost data to that, the final piece in creating a comprehensive campaign feedback picture. Having this actionable intelligence supported by a multitude of data sets in a single platform lets Kochava customers make truly informed real-time decisions to help them win in mobile.”

The ways in which the company collects data from network partners include dynamic clicks in real-time via pre-built API capabilities developed by Kochava and screen scraping techniques for media sources that don’t have defined APIs.
The company’s partner and network integrations include Facebook, Google AdMob, and Twitter.

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