KissMyAds top 1000 mobile affiliate offers

KissMyAds, the mobile advertising system with a complete focus on CPA and mobile has reached a major milestone recently by making over 1000 offers available to publishers on the network.
KMA 1000 offers
In the mobile marketing industry, particularly the CPA and affiliate sub-sectors, matching the right offers to the right audience is key, which makes KissMyAds’ portfolio all the more inviting to new affiliates joining the network.
As KissMyAds founder, Florian Lehwald, explains a wide variety of offers is important because

“affiliates need to be sure that they can find variety and multiple offers for their varying audience”

Check out the chart below for a simple breakdown of the top offers currently available on the system:

  • 29% of offers are Mobile Enterainment
  • 23% of offers are Adult-based
  • 17% of offers are Apps

In addition to the above KissMyAds also has a large number of mCommerce, sweepstakes and dating services amongst its offers, which are currently live in over 62 countries.
The growth of KissMyAds offer base has been attributed to the “high-level quality management” of the networks’ Advertiser Managers who check each offer that has been submitted individually to maintain a top mobile marketing environment. This environment is further strengthened with highest achievable payouts and excellent conversion rates.
Speaking of growth, KissMyAds have also recently taken on two new key members of the team: Sonia, Head of Publisher Management and Arun, Vice President of the APAC region (India, Singapore, Malysia, Australia). You can read more about the new appointments on the KissMyAds blog.
And as for the future of publisher offers, according to the official press release KissMyAds have confirmed that they are currently working on upgrades to improve matches between publisher inventories and offers. Affiliates interested in joining the scheme and taking advantage of the network’s growth can do so by checking out the KissMyAds website.

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