KissMyAds Brings in One Billion Mobile Clicks in 2013

Jamie Giggs | December 21, 2013

Mobile Advertising

KissMyAds has announced new figures that show the mobile marketing network has registered more than a billion clicks this year. Below is the number of clicks registered by KissMyAds in 2012 compared to the number of clicks registered in the first 11 months of 2013. The figures last year stood at 270 million clicks, which means the latest figure of 1bn represents a year on year increase of 270%.

KissMyAds mobile clicks 2012-2013 (m)
Clicks Per Year
Which countries are driving conversions?
Below is the regional share for the countries that are driving conversions for KissMyAds. Asia-Pacific has the largest share with 49%, followed by The Americas with 26%, Europe at 21% and Africa at 4%.
Breakdown of KissMyAds clicks by region (%)
Country Breakdown
Platform Breakdown 
The offers that have driven these clicks are mainly available on mobile web and Android with iOS only accounting for a minority of the total. Although KissMyAds don’t breakdown the number of clicks by platform it’s interesting that mobile web is such a key platform.
KissMyAds mobile offer availability by platform (%)
Platform Offer Graph
What types of offers ? 
Again, whilst we don’t know how many clicks they accounted for, we can tell you that the majority of KissMyAds offers are ‘mobile entertainment’ related, which is perhaps surprising given the growth of the app economy. App-based offers only account for 17% of the total available on the KissMyAds platform.
Breakdown of KissMyAds offers by type (%)
Offer Categories
Additionally, the company also delivered four times the number of conversions from their advertising, which were delivered to its mobile publishers across their worldwide network of partners.
Florian Lehwald, CEO and Founder of KissMyAds, had this to say on the impressive figures:
Florian Lehwald

“Even while getting bigger as a company by adding team members, moving to another office and developing new markets, we never neglected our profitability. The development of our registered clicks combined with the corresponding growth of our total conversions proves the scalability of our business and encourages us to grow further, but always in an organic way.”

The company had even more good news to share this year as they revealed they also doubled the amount of their registered affiliates from 2012 to 2013, with over 1,200 publishers now on board. KissMyAds works together with more than 300 advertisers as well.
Lehwald finished by saying what’s next for the company in 2014:

“Growth of course isn’t an end in itself for our company. We want to expand our network in a healthy way so that it delivers the best possible performance level to advertisers and publishers wherever they may be.”

You can sign-up to KissMyAds here and start checking out their offers or find out more about them on the KissMyAds profile in our mobile affiliate networks directory.

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