Kinvey bolsters its MBaaS platform for enterprises with Digital Lifecycle Management


Mobile backend-as-a-service provider Kinvey has announced a new tool that helps enterprises better manage multiple development teams and leverage agile development practices.

With the market for mobile development platforms becoming rather busy, and with an expected boom in demand on the horizon, vendors have to increasingly find ways of differentiating their products. Kinvey has been among the first MBaaS providers to really double down on catering to big enterprises and its latest announcement takes this strategy one step further.

The newly announced Digital Lifecycle Management tool lets developers create multiple versions of an app’s backend environment via a single command. According to Kinvey an app’s data, code and configuration is all cloned into a new environment, with the platform keeping track of all changes – ideal for working within agile development models.

Along with this, Kinvey has recognised that big enterprises frequently outsource development and have a variety of internal and external teams working on projects. This is being facilitated by DLM by giving administrators the ability to invite developers to collaborate on an app. Administrators get to control stuff like who has access to different development, staging and production environments, across the organisation.

Kinvey CEO Sravish Sridhar said:


“Our enterprise customers use a combination of internal developers, system integrators and development agencies to design and build applications that access different backend systems, and live across various operating systems and devices. In this fragmented landscape of developers, data, authentication systems and devices, setting access control policies and enabling governance across numerous versions of an app to manage the app’s lifecycle is critical to a project’s success. With Digital Lifecycle Management, we take away the extra pain our customers feel in launching successful digital transformation projects.”

It’s good to see Kinvey continuing to push things forward with enterprise development and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before its rivals fall in line with similar offers. For more information head over to the Kinvey website.

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