Kimia Announces Launch of Cactus SDK – App Monetization With an Advantage

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Posted: June 6, 2017

“Apps monetization” isn’t a new concept.  It has been the forefront of the online marketing industry for the past couple of years. However, there has been a need to continuously optimize platforms and ad servers to achieve better results and attain more revenue.

This is where Kimia comes in. We are always looking for ways to differentiates ourselves from the general/standard market, and are successful in doing so through our in-house proprietary technology. This time we bring you our new product “Cactus SDK” which uses our predictive algorithm based in machine learning technology to ensure the most relevant ads are displayed to your audience in high performance ad formats; which means more revenue for you.

Formats include tried and tested banner and interstitials as well as native offer walls and suggested apps. Native offer walls are customizable to match the look and feel of your app, while suggested apps are dynamic ad units that create a notification with three new apps at the bottom of the screen and do not interrupt the users experience.

Customized behaviour is one of our top priorities in the new launch and we allow for tailored refresh rates of banners, banner positions, capping options, as well as the previously mentioned formats. For more information on these features, visit the Cactus website.

The Cactus SDK provides an easy solution to monetizing App traffic worldwide by provide 100% fill rate, the possibility to earn in CPM and our efficient and user friendly self service platform with high converting global offers.

For those who are not ready to implement the SDK, we also offer JavaScript ad serving integration. Whichever solution fits, your needs, we provide a fast and effective way to start earning today.