Kiki Henrichs, mDSP Sales Manager, Avazu Europe on their latest special offer for mobile advertisers

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Posted: July 22, 2015

Kiki Henrichs studied Communication and became Master of Law before she began in advertising as a strategic media buyer for a Dutch media agency. She recently joined multinational Avazu Inc. as EU/USA sales manager for their Mobile DSP.

Congratulations on joining Avazu – what’s your new role and what will you be responsible for?
Thank you! I’ve just started in our Amsterdam office as head of our EU/USA Mobile DSP sales team. I’ll be in charge of selling our mDSP product to advertisers, networks, media agencies and mediabuyers.
What is the Avazu mDSP and what does it offer?
Avazu Mobile DSP is a complete self-serve programmatic mobile advertising platform integrated with 21 major ad exchanges, which provides more convenience and a transparent marketing solution; it enables advertisers and buyers to start campaigns in just 5 minutes and provides acces to over 30+ billion impressions every day. We have recently been named one of Smaato’s top 5 DSPs in revenue share for the second quarter in a row and see a continued rise in satisfied clients.
You recently released some new features including hyper-local targeting – what’s all that about and how does it work?
As a product and technology driven company, we keep looking at new features/services and we have seen a great deal of success with hyperlocal targeting, where advertisers can target users based on their location. It allows advertisers to target specific regions to reach their target audiences with accuracy up to a single building. For example, a local restaurant could target all users within a 50 meter radius of its restaurant’s GPS location to find potential customers. But we are also seeing campaigns that combine location-based ads with loyalty programs.
What type of clients are you looking to bring onto the mDSP platform?
We are working with different types of clients; both performance and branding advertisers, networks and media agencies and ofcourse stand alone media buyers. With the development of new ad formats like native ads and location-based ads, and through advanced machine learnings which results in a higher ROI, we’re seeing excellent performance in mobile content, app downloads and the gaming vertical.
Are you offering any special deals right now for new clients?
Yes we are. From 2-4 August we’ll be at Affiliate Summit East 2015 New York to share more information about all our mDSP features and we’ve created a special ASE offer. Everyone signing up at our booth (6004/6005) or meetmarket table (603) will get $100 dollar FREE credit and will take advantage of our $500 deposit funding instead of $5000! Of course this offer also stands for everyone reaching out until the 4th of August after reading this interview. You can apply for the offer here using this form or just add your details below.
What mobile devices do you use?
I’m an absolute Apple fan: iPhone, iPad, Macbook
What’s your favourite app?
What do you think of the Apple Watch?
I think it’s a nice new toy not a necessity. Although I’m an Apple fan I wouldn’t purchase it, for me the style isn’t feminine enough.

Thanks to Kiki for the interesting insights. Fill out the online form and get $100 free credit here.

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